Ways to Celebrate the Holidays without Leaving Your Homes

‘Tis the season for festivities, parties left and right, and reunions with our loved ones! During holidays, we’re accustomed to our family traditions, such as cooking and eating together, exchanging gifts with our extended family, going to church, and more. Nevertheless, this year, it’s going to be a bit different. Likely, we're going to spend our holidays the same way we spent most of our 2020: at home. However, the holidays are not cancelled, people! Whether you’re celebrating alone, or with the only members of your household (roommates or immediate family), you can still make the most of it. And we’re here to help you with that! I, myself, will be coping with the limitations of the current holiday season. Thus, here are ways on how we can spend our holidays while keeping our family safe!

Written by Admin | On December 16, 2020


Host a virtual party with your family and friends

This season, there is no doubt that the best remote option for getting to “see” everyone when you can’t be together in person is through video chatting.

You can still celebrate your holidays by using video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and more. There’s a lot of options! Additionally, you can all catch up there or have a drink or two. You can also have a virtual potluck wherein you eat together your favorite food at the same time. With these activities, you can still share the holiday spirit even when you’re not together. Just remember to plan ahead, notify your family and friends, and teach those who still haven’t got the hang of using these online platforms.


Give meaningful gifts and open them online

Gift giving is an important part of the holiday season. It is our way of showing our appreciation and gratitude to our loved ones. This holiday, you can still make someone’s day by sending them something to put under their tree.

Without having our usual Christmas shopping at the malls, you can order items online and ship them to your intended recipients. To make it more fun,  make them promise to wait until the 25th and put up a video call using Zoom or Facebook Messenger so you can see their reactions when they open your gift! With this in mind, giving a gift doesn’t necessarily need to be grand. A small meaningful gift or just a handwritten letter will make someone feel loved and valued this holiday.


Plan a virtual game night

The holidays give families a chance to connect and bond, and a great way to do so is playing games. Since we can’t all gather together, this is a great chance to move your traditional games online. Yes, you can still include those who are not physically with you!

Invite everyone up in a Zoom meeting, or whatever platform you’re used to, for a holiday-themed game night complete with prizes! There’s a lot of traditional games you can do online, such as Online Holiday Bingo, Virtual Scavenger Hunt, or Christmas Trivia. See? You can still be festive and make memorable bonds with your family even when you’re not together physically!


Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

What a better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Christmas movie marathon? Get your popcorn ready and plan a movie marathon day where everyone gathers and watches your favorite holiday movie! If you have Netflix, HBO Max or, Disney+, you can try Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party). It is a Google Chrome browser extension that lets you watch films or TV programmes with family and friends online. Also, there’s a chat function where you can talk with your loved ones the same time you’re watching together.


Decorate your homes anyway

Christmas is not complete without a festive atmosphere. But you don’t need to go out and buy new decorations! Bring out your old Christmas tree and recycle those Christmas lights and ornaments that you used last year. Do this with your family as an additional bonding activity! Having gorgeous decorations throughout your homes will bring some much-needed joy during this ongoing pandemic.


Amidst this uncertain time, it is important to know that our main goal is to stay happy, healthy, and alive. This holiday season is going to be odd, but we should also remember that the essence of Christmas should be celebrated all year round.


Maybe this year, the best present that we can give to our loved ones and even to ourselves is to stay home and refrain from attending physical gatherings. In this way, we can show that we really care and we want them safe. It is difficult, but we need to have hope. Hope that everything will be back to normal. Let this holiday remind us that we are not alone, that our family and loved ones are always here with us: in our hearts.




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